All of the above

A thought provoking show with a sense of humor answering today’s most pressing questions around climate change and social justice.

Every episode plants 1,000 trees with Ecosia, divest from fossil fuel and invests in sustainability literacy with Slow Factory.

This show is giving Mother Nature center stage to understand all the solutions that already exist.

This isn’t a doomsday anxiety inducing show about how we are all going to die if the climate collapses, this is a show about the million solutions that exist and we want to address all of the above when addressing climate justice.

Every view fights the climate crisis

Why did Mother Nature Choose us?

She actually chose all of us. And we are here to show you why.

Sophia Li

Sophia Li

She has the power to move people into action.

Sophia is a Chinese-American journalist, advocate and director, she has reported and built a body of work centered around environmental justice and racial justice in America and around the world. Her work has been shared millions of times by world leaders and celebrities globally


Celine Semaan

Céline Semaan

She has the power to lead government to change.

Celine is a refugee, first generation war survivor, her career continues to be shaped by the intersection of social and environmental justice where she invests her time in building Slow Factory, an institute and research lab investing in education & climate positive solutions that are ready to be implemented today